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'Fairy Tail' Chapter 527 Spoilers: Gildarts To Finally Defeat August as He Knew his Greatest Secret; Mavis Holds The Book of E.N.D That Can Destroy Zeref

First Posted: Mar 18, 2017 08:31 PM EDT
FAIRY TAIL Manga 527: Compassion (720p) English

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After the previous "Fairy Tail" Chapter 526, the forthcoming episode Chapter 527 reportedly feature August. He will be meddling the fight between Zeref and Natsu before they kill each other. August and Mavis long awaited meeting will finally arrive following the Mavi's revelation in defeating Zeref.

In the upcoming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 "Emotion" as per Manga Stream, it will be featuring August and Mavis. The mother and son who finally back in each other's arms after Mavis gave birth to August. But according to some reports, the scene disappoint a lot of fans, as rather Hiro Mashina could have done better on their first meeting.

In the previous chapter of anime series, Cana launched a devastating attack on Gildarts. And in the upcoming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 revealed that Cana's attacks didn't even affect Gildarts. This just means that August is beyond strong as he is the strongest mage in Spriggan 12, Mstars News has reported.

Zeref saved August's life, wherein he will be sacrificing even his own body just to unleash the possible power that could melt the world. August reportedly displays the capacity of his power and disintegrating everything in the vicinity. Mavis easily recognizes his son's power in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 526 as he uses magia.

The ancient magic arts said can evaporate blood of the livings and melt the earth. Meanwhile, in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 hinted will feature the August's past and more shocking revelations will be revealed. Moreover, the upcoming chapter hinted the ongoing battle between August and Gildarts which hinted that he might finally defeat August.

Gildarts might use the weakness of August in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 as Mavis' son revealed his greatest secret. Not being loved as he was a child. Also, the said chapter, Mavis reveals her plant to finally end Zeref, August's father.

Mavis met the "Fairy Tail" guild members and revealed her plans to kill Zeref as she holds the book of E.N.D. Mavis is hopeful that Natsu will defeat his own brother in their ongoing fight and said that only Gray, Happy, and Erza can save Natsu.

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