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“The Batman” Update: Actor Joe Manganiello Is Unsure Of His Deathstroke Role

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 09:09 PM EDT
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Batman is one of the most famous DC character to ever hit theaters. With five actors that have portrayed the Dark Knight, it is simply understandable that many are still looking to have an adventure with Bruce Wayne.

Now, with Ben Affleck as the latest Batman actor, many are excited to know his second appearance in "The Batman." With him is Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke but recent reports indicate that the actor don't know if he's still included in the project.

According to Movie Web, there are troubling reports that indicate Joe Manganiello isn't exactly sure if he's going to continue to portray Deathstroke in upcoming "The Batman" solo movie. The reports came months after he revealed on Twitter his role with the costume.

The actor was asked regarding the on-going production of the film but he simply said that "Ummm... Maybe. We'll see," when asked if he's exclusively playing the character. This news established a rumor that the movie will be going under a massive rewrite.

IGN revealed that it is exactly a surprise after the actor/ director Ben Affleck dropped from being "The Batman's" director. After then, Matt Reeves came into action with Chris Terrio doing the screenwriting.

Affleck is the original director who want Deathstroke in for the movie since the latter was a "great counterpart" for Batman and not being given significant storyline in previous Batman films.

This is really a downside for Manganiello after he expressed excitement on playing the villain and he even read every Deathstroke comic book to gather as much details regarding the character. Manganiello also took some martial arts training to prepare for the role.

There are rumors also that Matt Reeves took apart the script from the start after he had accepted the role as director. However, these couldn't be clarified due to Reeves' commitment to the "War for the Planet of the Apes" which is set to hit theaters this year. Nonetheless, fans have to wait for further news.

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