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'Power Rangers' 2017 Movie News: Yellow Ranger Trini is Gay; First LGBT Protagonist in a Superhero Movie

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 12:33 AM EDT
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LGBT rights activists and supporters have more reasons to support the "Power Rangers" 2017 movie. It has been announced that one of the protagonists, Yellow Ranger, Trini in the movie is confused about her sexuality.

According to the New York Daily News, the "Power Rangers" 2017 movie is the first superhero film to feature an LGBT protagonist. Yellow Ranger or Trini Kwan who is played by Becky G will have moments in the film where she questions her sexual orientation.

The outlet adds that the pivotal scene will happen when Yellow Ranger Trini asks herself whether she likes boys or girls. The moment will happen somewhere in the middle of the "Power Rangers" 2017 movie, director Dean Israelite confirms.

The director adds that many teens who are still figuring out their identity will appreciate Yellow Ranger Trini in the movie. Israelite adds that the "Power Rangers" 2017 movie is LGBT-oriented as it hopes to give the message of support for those who are in the same boat as Becky G's character.

The "Power Rangers" 2017 movie has garnered the support of an original cast member David Yost who played the Blue Ranger. E! News reports that Yost identified as gay when he acted for the original series but he left the show because of harassment issues due to his orientation.

David Yost said in an interview that he is positive that the "Power Rangers" 2017 movie will be highly approved by the LGBT crowd. The original Yellow Ranger Trini in the first series was originally straight. The news of the openly gay characters comes after the reports of Disney's LeFou character (played by Josh Gad) from "Beauty and the Beast" having an "exclusively gay moment" in the live action film.

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