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Scientist Found Tsimane Tribe In South America To Have The Healthiest Heart In The World

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 04:01 AM EDT
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A team of researchers found out that the healthiest hearts in the world is found in South American where a Tsimane tribe has a highly active lifestyle of any population yet studied. The Tsimane tribe in the Bolivian Amazon spend most of the time hunting, fishing, farming, and gathering fruits.

According to The Telegraph, the scientists examined hundreds of men and women from the Tsimane tribe and the team found out that almost nine out of ten had a clear artery that shows no risk of heart disease. There are about 16,000 Tsimane who go fishing, hunting, and farming on the Maniqui River and Amazon rainforest that is located in Bolivian lowlands.

The oldies of Tsimane tribe mostly remained astonishingly in a good health and almost two-thirds of the people are aged over 75 were it find nearly at risk-free. The Tsimane's lifestyle suggested that the diet that is low in saturated and high in non-processed fiber-rich carbohydrates, not smoking and being active all day could help to prevent the hardening in the arteries of the heart.

BBC reported that 17 percent of the Tsimane tribe's diet includes wild pig, tapir, and capybara. 17 percent of freshwater fish that includes piranha and catfish and most of the food consumption comes from farms growing rice, maize, manioc root, and plantains.

The Tsimane tribe is more physically active were the men will have averaging steps of 17,000 a day, while women 16,000 a day, and even the aged over the 60s can have over 15,000 steps a day. Each member of the tribe will consume 38 grams of fat per day, which is 11 grams of it is saturated fat.

The researchers said that the members of the Tsimane tribe will also have a low reading of heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. But unfortunately, half of the tribe had inflammation markers, though it is normally seen as a risk factor for unhealthy arteries.

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