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Microsoft Won't Launch Surface Book 2 In Its Next Spring Event

First Posted: Mar 29, 2017 02:38 AM EDT
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Microsoft has always been little secretive with its product launch events. The tech giant seemed to follow its trend in its earlier version of events as well. Similar has been its approach to the long awaited Spring Surface event which is expected to be held in this year only. However, there are still no words about the event from any of the official sources. But ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley confirmed it to happen very soon and also no occurrence of Surface Book 2 in the event .

However, the strangest part of this revelation was the fact that Microsoft won't be revealing any Surface Book in this upcoming Spring event, according to ZDNet. Surface Book 2 was expected to be officially launched in this event alongside the next installment of Surface Pro tablet: Surface Pro 5. Foley stated that there are no chances of the next version of Surface Book PC to be unveiled at this event. She also mentioned that she is even doubtful about Surface Pro 5's release in Microsoft's Spring event. These insights have created an uncertainty about the items of this upcoming event's menu. Even some experts have started claiming that Microsoft may be rolling up this Spring party without any of the major releases.

As per a report by Business Insider, the insight of no appearance of Surface Book 2 has already disappointed many tech lovers. The tech specialist has even swapped off its plans for releasing the second edition of its Hololens hologram headsets. It has now been said the company will straightly jump to the third installment of Hololens and also that would be released sometime by the end of 2019. As for the software part, Microsoft has been said to unveil the free Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft's upcoming gaming magnet has Xbox 'Project Scorpio' has already been indicated by the official sources to be unveiled in the summer of 2017.

So, the question that arises in this context is that the tech giant has arranged this next Spring event for what purpose? As per a new report, insiders are claiming that Microsoft is getting ready to launch a brand new unannounced Surface device soon. Whether it will be a replacement to Surface Book 2 or whether it will completely something else is still unknown. Rest of the speculations can only be tested when Microsoft officially reveals any words for this launch event

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