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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 84 Synopsis: Android 18 Tricked By Goku With 10 Million Zenny Prize To Join Universe 7

First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 09:01 AM EDT
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 83

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 will be about Goku's persistence in recruiting top fighters for Universe 7 at the Universal Survival tournament. Son Goku wants to assemble the best fighters to avoid getting obliterated by the Omni - King but it seems that his former friends are giving him a hard time. Goku will use trickery to recruit Android 18 to his team.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 82, Goku will find it hard to convince his former allies to join him. He and his son will spar with Krillin to find out about his new power and he will also have to think of a plan to convince his wife, Android 18, to join in. Fandom describes No. 18 as a human-type Earthling or a Boitechnological Type Android who has super strength despite her frail looks.

Android 18 will be a perfect addition to Goku's team and along with her husband; they will make a formidable duo. But the problem that Goku encountered in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 is that Android 18 will not be convinced unless she will get something in return. Goku will do the unthinkable and tell No. 18 that there will be a prize in the tournament, exactly 10 million zenny in prize money, Comic Book reported. Android 18 will immediately take the challenge and be part of the team once she hears the huge prize.

No. 18 has been known to be very interested in money. In the past episodes, she would join tournaments to get the grand prize and even had Mr. Satan fork out around 20 million zenny and multiplied it a hundred-fold. The real reason why she chases after money is because of her devotion to her brother and to her young family. She wants to help them all. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 will air on Sunday, April 2 at 9 a.m. JST on Fuji TV.

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