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Tesla Model 3 Isn't An Advanced Model By Its Predecessor & It's Not a Thing; Car Journalist Are More Excited as Tesla is Selling its Story

First Posted: Apr 10, 2017 06:30 PM EDT
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Car Enthusiasts or simply amazed by the works of Tesla are all excited to finally meet the Tesla Model 3. Just recently, folks spotted the model smoothly cruising in the highway of Northern California and these just ignite more excitement and make buzz before the official launch of the new model.

A short video escalated featuring CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk showing the nose of Tesla Model 3 nose redesigned for more conventional look. The video also shows the car's interior being simple and plain.

Reports claimed that the Tesla Model 3 will come in a bright blue paint job which is a good add on to the available colors like the silver, black, and red who also captured before. The new forthcoming model was reportedly smaller and simpler than all the creations made by the company, Forbes has reported.
A tweet by @TESLARATI stating that the first sight of the new blue paint job Tesla Model 3 on the freeway. On a testing with the Model S P90DL acting as the chase car. In the said video, people most viewed most part of its exterior which gives more information in the forthcoming model.

Elon Musk's latest Tesla Model 3 is smaller and simpler because the company has outright informed the public or for those who are interested that the latest model will not be advanced than its predecessor. Model 3 is much simpler and traditional and that give car journalists and enthusiasts being excited giving their own sights about the new car.

According to the reports, Tesla Model 3 will only come with a big center screen but it is much more different from models like X or S. It is a vertical one unlike again with the previous model that does have a horizontal one. What makes people more excite about this model, is not its features obviously but everyone is waiting and it has something to do with Tesla's story, The New York Times has reported.

Tesla is has beaten the Ford, surpassing its market value. According to a study released by Google, Tesla is the "Coolest" auto brand among millennials and that is the reason why Tesla Model 3 is great awaited by many.

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