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Microsoft & McAfee on Word Bug update: Advised Public to Ensure Office Protected View is enabled, here are the few tips

First Posted: Apr 11, 2017 07:06 PM EDT
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New discovered Word bug has been exposed and as of the moment, the vulnerability hasn't fixed yet. Zero-day is a flaw discovered by the hackers in Microsoft word and Microsoft office, authorities have been warned the public to be extra careful as they seemingly sneak malware into users system.

According to the reports, over the weekend, a new bug has been targeted by the hackers which remotely install malware into a customer's system. The installed malware has a capability to steal banking logins will be patched, said by Microsoft.

The new vulnerability bug of Microsoft said to be a dangerous malware attack, according to McAfee anti-virus company. In a blog post, the anti-virus company also said that the dangerous malware attack is possible due to Microsoft's OLE (Object, Linking, and Embedding) technology, TNW has reported.

There are also reports claiming that the earliest attack has happened and seen dates back in late January. The dangerous malware exploits work reportedly on all Microsoft office versions and that includes the latest versions, the office 2016 that is currently running on Windows 10.

 To trick people to open the files, the hackers are using specifically RTF files with a ".doc" extension. Once the user has opened the files, their PC will automatically download contained HTM application that enables criminals to have a full access on the user's machine.

MacAfee reminded the public to be precautious to the new security flaw of Microsoft and to not easily opened files obtained from untrusted sites or locations. McAfee has been in contact with Microsoft and the company is expected to release an update to the anti-virus app that further closes the flaw this week for its habitual Patch Tuesday bug release, BBC has reported.

The Redmond Company advised the public to ensure their software is up-to-date and is supported by the manufacturer. Also, the Microsoft users are advised to always ensure that Office Protected View is enabled.

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