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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Might quit ‘The Voice’

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:39 AM EDT
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The two of the most lovable judges on "The Voice" are having a good time celebrating Easter together. But it appears that Gwen Stefani might not have Blake Shelton's baby, as the singer is looking to quit the Voice and take her boyfriend with her. The pair has had a tough time with Miley Cyrus on the show and this might be the reason for them to back out.

Miley and Gwen refused to be on the same panel and there has been so much friction between the two. If Gwen quits the show there are chances that Blake might follow her, recently the pair had been discussing marriage though they are not engaged they first priority is getting a baby as per the Metro.

Gwen is determined to carry a baby and carry it herself, but Blake has no objections and he is even ready to adopt one. They recently spent Easter together and Gwen has been enjoying the company of Blake and her children all day. The pop star was spotted leaving her father Dennis Stefani's house along with Blake in Los Angeles.

According to Mail Online, Gwen's father was spotted shaking hands with her boyfriend. It appears that Dennis in on full support mode for the couple. They all looked like one happy family together, and Blake has always loved her children Apollo, Zuma and Kingston. Since she is occupied with the Voice and other projects her band mates have seemed to move forward without her.

Gwen got to fame with the band "No Doubt" and recently they released their latest single. Things look well for Gwen and Blake at this moment, but the rumors of her quitting the Voice might just be true. Adam Levine has also had problems being alongside Miley Cyrus and this is because he believes that Miley is the most obnoxious person her has ever met.  

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