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NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Emits Radio Signals From Saturn After Dive

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 07:13 AM EDT
Cassini spacecraft in Earth swing

Photo : Getty Images / NASA / Handout

NASA's Cassini spacecraft made its way through the rings of Saturn for the first time ever. The mission was considered as Cassini's dangerous journey, Cassini managed to send back stunning pictures of Saturn and its rings and it also emitted radio signals even after its crash into the planet.

The journey took 78 minutes and NASA is releasing some of those initial images as raw pictures, available to the public. The pictures show sights that were never seen before, and these are the closest images of Saturn's atmosphere showing a huge hurricane swooping across its surface, reported the Independent.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft had the grandest tradition of exploration, as it showed new wonders in space that were impossible to know. The Cassini mission directors were confident that the probe would make it through Saturn's rings safely without any problem, but the risk factor was very high.

According to BBC, The probe executed the daredevil mission on Wednesday, the first of 22 plunges planned over the next five months. Cassini will be diving closer into Saturn, and it is designed to gather ultra high-quality data with the best resolution. The pictures of the rings should be able to pick out features as small as 150m across.

NASA's scientists have already started to post raw unprocessed images on their website. This is the first time that a spacecraft has ever been this close to Saturn. There are around 21 similar dive's to be made before Cassini dumps itself into the atmosphere of Saturn.

However, the sad part is that Cassini will not be able to continue its mission much longer. This is because it has very little fuel left in its tanks. After finishing its last missions the spacecraft will plunge itself into the ringed planet destroying everything. Cassini has been in space for years and has discovered some incredible fact about planets and space. 

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