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Sebastian Vettel Confident Red Will Prevail Over Silver In Mercedes Dominated Sochi F1 Race

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 07:03 AM EDT
Sebastian Vettel official photo

Photo : Sebastian Vettel official website

Sebastian Vettel is fresh from his Bahrain Formula One win and said that despite Mercedes being the clear favorite in Sochi, Ferrari could still prevail. Vettel has finally taken a seven-point lead over Mercedes Lewis Hamilton after the Brit was slapped with a time penalty and ended up taking second place. Vettel said that he hopes to bring his car to a favorable pole position to get the best chances of winning in Sochi this weekend.

Mercedes has dominated the circuit in Sochi and Sebastian Vettel admitted that they have a lot of things to do to be able to copy their win in Bahrain. Vettel had an interview with Formula 1 and was reluctant to admit that he was on a roll after winning two out of the three previous races. Vettel said that he was just happy where he is now and that Ferrari is finally showing that they can go one on one with Mercedes.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel is enjoying a 7 point lead over Hamilton in the driver's standings this year. After Hamilton is his teammate Valtteri Bottas while Vettel's teammate Kimi Raikkonen is at 4th place. Hamilton obviously was not pleased in taking second place in Bahrain; after the race he said that he and his team will push harder and work together so they can come back fighting in Sochi, India Today reported.

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff agreed that they cannot take anything for granted this season especially when there are new rules. Wolff recognizes Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel as a competitor and said that their previous trophies in Russia don't count.

Sebastian Vettel also gave credit to his teammate Raikkonen saying the he has never gotten the praise that he deserves. The Finnish driver had a rough start during the Bahrain GP last week and Vettel agreed that his start took out his chances of getting on the podium. But he still believes that Raikkonen is one of the most talented drivers in Formula One.

The 2017 Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix will be held at the Sochi Autodrom. Practices will be on Friday, April 28 while Qualifying is on Saturday April 29. The 53-lap race will be on April 30.

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