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Day 3 of the Bill Cosby Trial: Defense Lawyers Grill Accuser Andrea Constand

First Posted: Jun 07, 2017 03:52 PM EDT
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The iconic comedian Bill Cosby and his defense lawyers returned to court to face off with accuser Andrea Constand, who gave testimony that she turned down two of Cosby's sexual advances before she found herself drugged on his couch and unable to fight him off.

In response to Constand's courtroom testimony, Cosby's lawyer, Angela C. Agrusa, questioned Constand on her account that in 2004 she was drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby at his home

Late Tuesday and Wednesday, Agrusa focused on challenging Constand on - what the defense believe - an inconsistent testimony.

Agrusa asked Ms. Constant why she told the police that the attack happened in March 2004, and later say it happened on January. Why she kept contacting Cosby after the encounter? Why she waited a year later to report it to authorities? And when Constand first reported the incident, why didn't she tell the police that her and Cosby were still friends and had earlier meetings alone.

"You changed your story," Ms. Agrusa said. "You hadn't told the officers that previously you had gone to Mr. Cosby's home, and had wine and sat by the fire," said Agrusa.

To counter the defense questions, prosecutors will present Ms. Constand's mother, a drug expert. Also, the prosecutors plan to introduce Cosby's deposition testimony where he spoke of obtaining Quaaludes to give to women.

If lawyers, who believe the trial will last about two weeks, then this case looks like it might be more than a mini-series.

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