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Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball: Singer Explains Video Meaning

First Posted: Sep 13, 2013 12:25 PM EDT

There is more to the video of Wrecking Ball says the singer, urging viewers to "take their minds off the obvious."

It seems there is more to Wrecking Ball's music video than sledgehammer licking and metal ball straddling. At least, that's what Cyrus is trying to tell viewers.

In an interview with Z100 Morning Show, the singer said explained the meaning behind Wrecking Ball's controversial music video for the very first time.

"If people can take their minds of the obvious and go into the imagination a bit and see what the video really means and the way that it's so vulnerable. Actually if you look at my eyes I look more sad than my voice sounds on the record. It was much harder to actually do the video than do the song. It was much more of an emotional experience." 

Although there were less controversial scenes in the video such as the singer being teary-eyed and crying in the first part, the sexier clips were much more noticed by viewers.

The controversial video featured the former Disney star naked while straddling a metal ball. In other parts of the video, she wears a white tank top cut-off with white panties while licking a sledgehammer.

Wrecking Ball's music video now has close to 80 million views on the singer's YouTube VEVO account - making it the most viewed VEVO video.

"We broke the record :) We hit 12.3 million on vevo :) keep watching #wreckingballonvevo thank you Smilers," tweeted Cyrus.

Father Billy Ray Cyrus also showed support for her daughter by tweeting:

"Trying to type, tweet, twerk and ride a wrecking ball naked all at the same time while carrying a sledge hammer is proving difficult! PEACE."

Wrecking Ball is Miley Cyrus' second single for her upcoming album, Bangerz. The upcoming album also features the hit song "We Can't Stop." Bangerz is scheduled to hit stores October 8.

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