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Demi Lovato Taylor Swift New BFFs? Stars Seen Shopping Together at Barneys

First Posted: Sep 30, 2013 10:18 PM EDT
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Is Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift new BFFs? The two were seen hanging out in California, looking all friendly with each other.

It seems like the Demi and Taylor have both ditched friend Selena Gomez to be each other's best friends. The two were seen shopping together at Barneys of New York in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday. According to Daily Mail UK, the two singers were seen leaving the posh store together, but were "careful not to look at the camera."

The X Factor USA judge wore a plain white shirt, topped with a black leather jacket, a black leather bag and skinny jeans. T. Swift on the other hand, wore a white shirt dress, some black stockings and a hat.

Both Demi and Taylor were considered to be frienemies, with Demi seemingly dissing the singer songwriter in an interview earlier this year.

"A lot of celebrities don't open up to their fans. They just tell them what they want to hear. They don't really tell them things that can benefit their lives. They just, you know, maybe flaunt around a boyfriend and sell a couple albums. That's not what my career is about," Demi said in an interview with Minnesota radio station KDWB, reports Daily Mail UK.

She also said in another interview that she doesn't care about Swift's love life.

"I don't care about Taylor Swift's love life. I don't care about Harry Style's love life. I care about mine. I find it weird that people are so obsessed with other people's love lives!" Lovato said, reports Hollywood Life.

However, it seems that the two have patched things up now, and are now shopping buddies.

Notably, another person present in Demi's shopping day is one-and-off boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. While the two have kept their relationship on the down low, Demi and Wilmer seem to have returned to Barneys together. And although they left the store separately, they were getting into the same SUV.

You can view the images here.

So is Demi confirming a new BFF in Taylor Swift and her relationship with Valderrama?

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