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Miss Bumbum 2012 Contestant Andressa Urach Talks Second Chance After Rotting Fillers Removed [Pics]

First Posted: Jan 26, 2015 01:19 PM EST
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Andressa Urach, the 2012 runner-up for Miss Bumbum, continues to talk about her new outlook on life after fillers caused the inside of her thighs to rot.

On an Instagram post, the 27-year-old model said she now has a second chance.

"My obsession for the perfect body almost killed me," the image's caption said. "I hope that it serves as an example to many women that the most important thing is your health, your faith, your God. God gave me a second chance, no one else can judge me!"

Over the weekend, Urach's representatives released more information on her state, according to Ego. "Host Andressa Urach has been discharged from the clinic and has stopped using antibiotics," the statement said. "She is missing about 10 daily sessions of oxygen therapy." The message went on to say that Urach will likely go into surgery next week. On Jan. 23, Urach shared an image of herself sitting in a wheelchair in a hospital onto Instagram. She talked about fighting for her life for two months and being able to go home.

In the image, the bandages she wears on her legs can slightly be seen, but the Daily Mail recently published more detailed pictures of her injuries. The graphic photos show bruises and stitches. (See them here.)

In another interview with the Daily Mail, Urach said that she died.

"I knew that I'd left my body and died," she said. "I arrived in an empty place, like a desert, completely silent. That's when I knew that God exists. I felt his presence. I knew I was at the judgment. My life flashed before me like a film. I felt ashamed and knew I wasn't worthy to enter heaven. I asked for forgiveness and begged for another chance, promised to make amends."

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