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Selena Gomez New Boyfriend 2013: Singer 'Hates' Justin Bieber, Find Out Why HERE

First Posted: Nov 20, 2013 11:32 PM EST
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Selena Gomez may be busy with her Stars Dance tour, but she sure made time to think about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, it's not what many fans may expect.

Gomez has been riding the highs of her career: a top song on the Billboard charts, a successful world tour, and a growing number of supporters. On the other hand, her ex- Bieber has had nothing but trouble and scandals since the two broke up. In just the past few weeks, the pop star has had a run-in with German authorities for leaving his pet monkey at the airport, a recent face-off with Brazilian police for wall vandalism, and was thrown out of his hotel for bringing prostitutes with him and ruining property.

Adding to all these, Justin recently had a Great Gatsby-inspired party, complete with over 20 strippers. The noisy party not only alarmed cops but also angried his neighbors. But the Biebs seemed unfazed, telling TMZ: "You shouldn't have missed the party. It was wild, it was wild. It was Great Gatsby s**t."

While Bieber may be having being a bad boy, Selena isn't too fond of his behavior. A source told Hollywood Life that the songstress is "relieved that she's out of the relationship."

"Selena has heard all about his party with all the naked girls, and add that to the hooker incident in Brazil and she just hates the guy Justin has become," a source told the website. "He is trying to be super cool to his friends and has gone into a tailspin that Selena hates to see."

It seems that Selena also sees this as karma for the heartthrob who, the source says, "messed up" things with her.

"Her overall thoughts are, that's what he gets for messing up what he had with her."

While it did seem like Justin still wants to get back with the "Come & Get It" singer, releasing the song "Heartbreaker" which clearly hints on his relationship with Gomez, this may not happen anytime soon. In fact, another Hollywood Life source noted that Gomez thinks Justin has "spiraled out of control and so has his ego."

"Selena is disgusted with the way Justin has been acting - or rather, acting out! She thinks Justin is a time bomb waiting to explode. She saw it coming and is relieved that she's out of the relationship, but also she's very sad for him. Very sad," the source said.

Do you think Justin has been spiraling down and is just waiting to explode? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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