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Apple Christmas Commercial 2013: Tech Giant Touches Hearts with 'Misunderstood' Ad [Watch Here]

First Posted: Dec 18, 2013 02:05 AM EST
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Apple is wishing everyone a "Happy Holidays" with a 90-second heart-tugging, tear jerker of an advertisement.

Dubbed by a few as Apple's best commercial to date, the commercial has more than 800,000 views as of writing since launched and posted on their Youtube page. The close to 12,000 likes has definitely outnumbered the 542 dislikes of the video. For some reason though, Apple has disabled comments for it.

The video ad entitled "Misunderstood" features a teenage boy who was quite busy tinkering with his iPhone 5s. The teenage boy is part of the Harris extended family whose members were busy making preparations for the holiday season.

The boy appeared seemingly detached from his family's activities - preoccupied with his phone. However, the truth is that he was busy recording family activities and capturing precious family moments that would later comprise a montage.

Come Christmas morning, the young lad surprised his family when he played his creation on TV via AirPlay. His creation was enough to send tears to his family's eyes and earn him a hug too!

Apple has also released the full holiday video on its Youtube page. The entire video runs for about a couple of minutes. According to the video description, the full length of the Harris family holiday video was shot using the iPhone 5s.

As user "Carnook" points out in the comments section of a report, the video showcases the iPhone 5s' capacities such as shooting high quality video, the inclusion of slow-mo segments, the compilation of a montage on the phone itself and the wireless beaming of the video onto the family TV.

"Carnook" also added that while users of other handsets may be able to shoot videos, only the iPhone 5s could do what was depicted in the commercial.

Apple ends the warm holiday video ad with "Happy Holidays." Watch the 90-second holiday ad below, followed by the full Harris family holiday video.

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