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American Horror Story Coven Review and Recap: Sarah Paulson Talks Myrtle Snow's Evolution and Season Finale

First Posted: Jan 23, 2014 02:40 PM EST
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American Horror Story: Coven will see its dramatic, and surely horrifying, conclusion on Jan. 29. Production for the season is complete, and Sarah Paulson has a lot to say on the story's conclusion.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from American History: Coven.

The show's last episode, Go to Hell, put Paulson's character, Cordelia Foxx, in a life changing situation. Paulson defined the episode's climatic scenes as "powerful."

"Even though Cordelia and Fiona have such a contentious relationship, they are mother and daughter, and there is love there," she told E! News. "It's not expressed in a typical mother/daughter fashion, but it is there. It's very interesting that that's the moment that she was able to take flight with her power in a new way."

The episode showed Cordelia developing in ways previously unseen.

"I think that to me was the most interesting part of my character's story this year: how she deals with her mother and all of that," Paulson explained. "[Creator Ryan Murphy] didn't tell me to be prepared for a slow burn, just that she was going to be different."

Nothing, however, could fully prepare Paulson to gouge her eyes out.

"[Murphy] had said I was going to gouge my own eyes out around episode 10 or so, but I didn't know if that was going to happen because I do know once they get into the writers' room, sometimes things change," Paulson said.

As with every drama, American Horror Story: Coven has its share of fan theories. One of them is that Cordelia is the next Supreme.

"The thing about this show is that I love that I'm on a show that people have theories, you know?" Paulson said. "That means the audience is very engaged, and they care about the outcome. I think you'll be surprised how this thing wraps up. I don't think anyone will see it coming."

With the show's third season ending next week, Paulson has had the chance to reflect on how "Coven" compares to previous Amerian Horror Story seasons.

"It was very dark last year, very kind of real and didn't have a kind of camp quality at all, and this year-not that it isn't real and all that stuff-it's very dark and there's a great deal of humor this year," she said. "...I sort of think the most exciting thing from an acting standpoint is to be on a show that doesn't get stuck in a rut."

Paulson is not done with Coven yet. She still dreams of getting her hands on a very special prop.

"I wanted my walking cane, but props said I had to wait until after they tallied everything up," she said. "I wanted to buy the cane. Last year, I kept ...the L pin that I wore on my green jacket in my first scene of the show and the last scene of the show. I also kept Mania ... and a poster. I kept all those things last year, and this year the only thing I wanted was my cane."

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