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Star Wars News: Top 10 Things We'd Like to See JJ Abrams Confirm for Episode 7

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First Posted: Feb 01, 2014 02:41 PM EST
Star Wars
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A few days ago, we reported that JJ Abrams would be taking a less secretive approach to the disclosure of important news regarding the much-anticipated Episode VII of Star Wars. With this in mind, then, here are some of the things we'd like to see JJ Abrams confirm for Episode 7. 

Will There Be Any E.U. Characters? Even though Lucas has confirmed that not all E.U. characters will make the cut for Episode 7, a committee has been formed to determine which ones will be featured, and which ones won't. So... can we get a hint as to whom we'll see? Will we see Lando's son Chance, Chewie's nephew Lowbacca, or the Skywalker and Solo children?

New Planets? The appearance of Mustafar, and the debut of Coruscant, in the prequels were extremely exciting. So which planets can we see in Episode 7?

Whatever Happened to Some Secondary Characters from the First Part of the Saga? We already know what happened to Jabba the Hutt, Grand Moff Tarkin, and General Grievous. But what about such characters as Jar Jar Binks? The citizens of Bespin? The rest of Jabba's court that didn't die on the sail barge?

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New Technology? Now that it's 2014 (or if you prefer, 36 ABY in Star Wars years), there HAS to be new technologies, be they for Jedis or Rebels or Separatists. So... what can we expect to see?

What's Everyone's Name? According to CinemaBlend, if you see ANYONE from the E.U., their names may not be what you think they are. "Right now they're looking at using the basic descriptions of EU characters with different names. Luke's wife will follow the same template as Shira Brie/Mara Jade. Red hair, Green eyes, attitude etc. The same with the kids of the big three. [...] Jaina will be the inspiration for the Solo daughter, Jacen for the Solo son and Ben for the Skywalker son. Most of the new characters in the new continuity are based on characters from the old continuity," they write. 

So... what would you like to see JJ Abrams confirm? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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