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NBA 2K14 PC, PS4 & Xbox One Mods, Patches & Cheats: 'Space Jam' PC Mod Brings Looney Tunes to Game

First Posted: Feb 18, 2014 10:25 AM EST
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Fans of 1996's "Space Jam" rejoice! NBA 2K14 now features a Space Jam mod for the PC. Polygon reports the mod was created by NBA 2K series modder MGX. He also goes by the name MkEliteWorksX on Youtube.

The nostalgic mod brings together all the Looney Tunes characters from the loveable 90's basketball-themed animated film. Relive the action as the Tune Squad's Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Lola Bunny, and Michael Jordan face off against the Monstars. And, according to MGX's Facebook, he has just included Bill Murray's character in the mod.

However, don't expect to see the mod characters appear exactly the same as in the film. They look a bit...scarier than their cartoon counterparts. But as Joystiq pointed out, "transforming a 2D anthropomorphic animal or space monster into a 3D model is not easy feat". So, to give you a better idea of what the NBA 2K14 Looney Tunes characters look like, just imagine a basketball player from the game and replace his head with Bugs' or Daffy's. Then, change the color of the player's skin to match that of the Looney Tunes character. And there you have it.

But even if the characters might scare off some of the younger gamers, MGX still did an impressive job on creating the characters. And, even if you've never seen the film, you'll still be able to enjoy playing the Space Jam mod.

The NBA 2K14 Space Jam mod for PC can be downloaded through Mediafire. MGX's other mods including The Avengers, Teen Wolf, movie villains, Justice League, and 2pac, can be viewed by visiting his Facebook account.

So, if you want to reminisce about the good 'ol 90's days, or simply want to try out something different in NBA 2K14, just download the mod and enjoy. Of course, don't forget to thank MGX for this wonderful gift.

Check out this gameplay video posted by MkEliteWorksX

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