Later this year fans will see the return of BBC's Doctor Who. Season 8 will reportedly be shown as a block of episodes headed by a new doctor played by Peter Capaldi. The season has 12 episodes with the Christmas Special serving as its 13th episode.

The first adventure of the new Doctor will have a Victorian London setting. This means that we will see the most faithful friends of the Doctor on Season 8 together with Clara Oswald, the woman who saved him. Other characters that are returning include the formidable Jenny, Madame Vastra and the rehabilitated Sontaran Colonel Strax -- all of whom are expected to help the new Doctor. The old scoundrels will also be included in the new series, like the Paternoster troupe.

Other season 8 cast members include:

  • Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School

  • Keeley Hawes as Ms. Delphox

  • Robert Goodman (appears in Episode 4)

  • Matt Smith (cameo role)

The members of the writing team are almost the same with Steven Moffat writing most of the episodes. Regular writers Steve Thompson and Phil Ford, and other capable playwrights, are also on the writing team.

One question that fans have in mind is the school's role in season's 8 big mystery. Remember -- the school was there during the 50th Anniversary Special that relates back to the show's first episodes, and it was where Susan (the Doctor's granddaughter) attended. Should we expect to see Susan on Season 8? This remains to be a big question begging to be answered in the coming episodes of the new season.

What lies ahead in Season 8 is being kept a secret by the BBC, which is not giving out any details. The series will be directed by Ben Wheatley, who expects to have the series shown in July 2014. No confirmations on the exact date of its release have been divulged at this point.