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'Mad Men' Actors Talk Characters' Embarassing Moments PLUS Watch Jon Hamm's Dating Show Appearance [VIDEO]

First Posted: Apr 09, 2014 03:36 PM EDT

Nothing beats watching a star's awesomely embarrassing early days (Aaron Paul on The Price is Right, anyone?). Mad Men star Jon Hamm is no exception; his first taste of fame also gave him a chance at true love.

On Tuesday, Hamm, who plays Don Draper on the AMC series, appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Clearly, Hamm's role in Hollywood is sophisticated today, but Ferguson was happy to bring the actor to 1995 with a clip from his appearance on The Big Date dating show.

Hamm tried his best to win over a gal named Mary, with "fabulous food, fabulous conversation, and a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity."

Apparently, these methods are still working for Hamm, now 43. When Ferguson asked if Hamm treats his wife of 16 years to "the ol foot massage," he responded with:

"Absolutely, only if i can get the ball in the net afterward."

Sadly, he couldn't woo Mary, who Hamm admits did not pick him.

"Would you have picked me?" Hamm asked Ferguson sarcastically.

Hamm does not believe he was the most eligible bachelor back then.

"But that was 1995," he explained. "I was all of 24 years old and making some questionable decisions in my life, as you could see."

Although Ferguson may be "very annoyed" that Hamm wasn't picked, the actor believes it worked out for the best.

"I'm not [annoyed]," Hamm said. "Think of how the world could've changed."

You can enjoy Hamm's entire The Big Date appearance here. Check out his interview with Ferguson below:

So what other ways can Mad Men stars embarrass themselves?

Apparently the show's actors find Twitter to be an easy outlet for shame as Hamm, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Paré and Vincent Kartheiser all recently told E! News they don't tweet, so they don't imagine their Mad Men counterparts would, either.

"I don't think he'd tweet," Hamm said. "He'd have someone do it for him. That's Peggy's job."

"If there was Instagram back then you'd see a lot of outfits of the day for Megan," Paré suggested.

"He shouldn't tweet," Kartheiser said of Pete Campbell's probable embarrassment. "Pete should not be a tweeter. ... already in real life Pete sticks his foot in his mouth all the time. That would just be terrible. That's probably the same reason I don't twit, or tweet -- Twitter? ... I'm sure I would say something stupid."

"I think she'd tweet about her friends," Kiernan Shipka said about Sally Draper. "She'd probably retweet a lot. She'd probably be into fashion."

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