"Captain America: The Winter's Soldier" has won the box office, beating out newcomer "Transcendence."

The Marvel film claimed the top spot for the third time and made $26 million. The movie's great reviews and word of mouth have helped it bring its total gross to $201 million. With this weekend's solid performance, expect a final tally between $250 to $300 million.

"Rio 2" also had another solid weekend and brought in an estimated $22 million. The film has already made $75 million but is behind the first installment, which was at $80 million after its second weekend. With the film trailing the first movie and heavy competition coming in the next week, expect a final tally of $125 million.

Third place saw the Christian film "Heaven is for Real" make a solid $21.5 million. The film was released during a good time when Christians are celebrating Easter and after two faith based hits ("God's Not Dead" and "Son of God"). In its first five days, the film has already brought in $28 million and could easily be headed to the $60 million mark.

Johnny Depp had one of the worst weekends of his career with "Transcendence." Pundits were estimating that movie would open in the low $20 millions, but it ended up with an estimated $11 million. The movie is the third bomb for Depp in a row and also proved to be one of the biggest box office fails of the year. The $100 million budgeted film was affected by the lack of a story in its marketing and the fact that it was universally trashed.

In fifth place, "A Haunted House 2" only made an estimated $9 million. The film, however, recovered the $4 million budget.

In its second weekend, Kevin Costner's "Draft Day" continued to fail with audiences as it made an estimated $5.9 million and brought it total to $19 million.

Meanwhile, "Divergent" saw another $5.7 million and brought its total to $133 million.

Indie hit "God's Not Dead" made $4.8 million while "The Grand Budapest Hotel" took in $3.4 million. "God's Not Dead" now stands at $48 million while "The Grand Budapest Hotel" has now made $44 million.

Disney "Nature's Bears" was the other wide release, but that movie disappointed with only $4.7 million. The Earth Day films have increasingly become less successful and it will be interesting to see if the studio continues the series.

In arthouse theaters, "Under the Skin" expanded to 176 theaters and made a disappointing $467,000. The film has already made $1 million, but based on the recent numbers it is unlikely the film will crossover into the mainstream crowd.   

"Fading Gigolo," however, had a great opening weekend in five theaters. The movie made $198,000 for $39,600 per theater average. Millennium Entertainment will expand the film in the coming weeks.

The Weinstein Company fared better this weekend with "The Railway Man." The movie made $176,000 in 26 theaters. While the total is not outstanding, the film looks somewhat promising for further expansions.

Sony Classics Pictures continued to fare well with "Only Lovers Left Alive." The movie scored an estimated $135,000 in 18 theaters and will expand next weekend.