Leading man Sebastían Rulli is king.

The handsome star of "Lo Que La Vida me Robó" was crowned king in Matamoros, Mexico this past weekend, according to TV Y Novelas. He took to Twitter to express his appreciation.

"Wowwwwww; thank you Matamoros," he wrote. He shared a video with the Tweet, which showed him wearing a green crown.

The crowd that surrounds him yells and looks excited to see him, as Rulli smiles on. The actor is also genuinely happy, at least according to his Twitter. He also said, "How wonderful how much people love you Lety Salazar; Bravo Matamoros."

He also said he was honored to be the King of the Sea.

The mayor, Lety Salazar, was praised and criticized over the event. People said the event was difficult to get to and from, with some people waiting for hours in traffic.

Rulli is no stranger to drama, especially in the last few weeks. Most stem from his personal relationships.

He's constantly being tied to his co-star Angelique Boyer, who he recently took on a motorcycle ride. She recently explained that she was with him, but that they were meeting up with a group of friends. The two continue to deny romance rumors, which have plagued them since she and José Alberto Castro split up.

"Sebastián has been a charm for me because the soap opera that we're working on has been incredible, and we want to continue working together," she said. "Still, companionship and respect are contagious within the whole team."

He has also had problems with his ex-wife, Cecilia Galliano. The two are fighting over a car that she gave him. He believes that she signed over the car, but Galliano adamantly denies that this is true.