It has been revealed that the highly anticipated final season premiere of "Sons of Anarchy" will kick off from weeks before Tara's death, and Marilyn Manson will make his guest appearance on the show as a heroin addict.

Although series creator Kurt Sutter has previously said he does not like to do flashbacks, season 7 will begin weeks before Tara's murder. The most talked about topic undoubtedly has to be Gemma murdering Tara and Jax's reaction once he discovers it. Fans are anxious to see how Gemma, who values the club and her family above everything else, will play innocent, and how Jax will deal with his mother when he finds out that she murdered Tara, speculating that he might murder her or simply cut her out of his life completely.

While viewers can now see the scenes that were not aired last season, Sutter recently hinted a new character making an appearance via Twitter. "Listening to one of @marilynmanson new songs. Potent. Creepy. Cool," he tweeted. "Look for him in season 7. He'll be the guy riding the dragon."

"Riding the dragon" is a term used to describe heroin addicts and the rocker, whose music has been used on the series before, will be playing his role as a drug addict on the last season of SOA.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will air in September 2014 with Robert Patrick, Jimmy Smits, Emilio River and Billy Brown returning, as well as CCH Pounder and Kim Dickens but only for limited appearances.