One of the top media companies for the Hispanic market in the United States launched a new premium English-language network for today's "young generation."

Univision Communications, Inc. and digital programming service Bedrocket launched, an over-the-top video programming network from 15- to 30-year-olds in the Latin culture. includes new and original programming such as a documentary series featuring hip-hop artist Becky G ("Drop the Mic with Becky G"), a weekly show with music expert D-story ("Left Unattended with D-stroy"), and a short clip series featuring comedian Johnny Sanchez ("The Johnny Sanchez Show").

"Flama is working with talent and storytellers that connect with young Hispanics through a shared experience, a point of view, and sometimes simply a passion for llamas," said Flama General Manager Steven Benanav. "We've created a network for our audience to discover and share great programming that includes original series and the best curated material from the Internet."

The premium English-language video programming network aims to showcase both established and emerging stars from various genres such as comedy, music, and sports, notably from Hispanic millennials. has also partnered with Latino stand-up comedian Al Madrigal, best known for his roles in NBC's "About A Boy" and Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." Madrigal serves as an "early advisor" for

"While other companies have set out to attract young Latinos and treat them like a homogenous group, from Flama's inception, the network has been staffed by Latinos of all backgrounds who are making quality content for what is actually a diverse group," said Madrigal. "This more legit approach is what sets Flama apart and will lead to its success."

According to's Managing Editor Alexis Tirado, the Internet does not include a place for Hispanics to seek entertainment by fellow Hispanics. Tirado added that being part of is "a crazy dream come true."

"Plus, my parents actually approve of this job, even if they don't get the programming," Tirado added. isn't only teaming up with a well-known comedian but also with the condom industry. The over-the-top network may be going over the top as it partnered with Trojan Brand Condoms with the goal to sponsor an exclusive series scheduled to air this summer.

"As the most trusted name in sexual health for more than 90 years, Trojan seeks to empower the Hispanic audience to take ownership of their sexual health," said Trojan Brand Condoms Vice President of Marketing Bruce Weiss. "We are very proud to support this innovative series and hope to use it as a vehicle to spark an open and honest dialogue about the importance of using a condom each and every time."

Details of the summer series were not immediately available.


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