It has been an exciting month for the Brown family. Following the birth of Robyn Brown's daughter Ariella Mae, the family also celebrated the birthdays of Meri and Kody. And with the upcoming premiere of "Sister Wives" Season 7 this 2016, fans are clamoring for more updates on TLC's polygamous family.

The Browns are definitely enjoying their first weeks with baby Ari, who was born on Jan. 10. Unfortunately, latest rumors about the family are keeping the excitement from spreading. Christian Post even claimed that recent reports have suggested that Kody's first wife, Meri, is ditching the polygamous life in "Sister Wives" Season 7.

The speculations on Meri's departure came after it was revealed in the previous season that she was catfished by a man, who was actually a woman named Jackie Overton. Aside from Meri's exit, Overton is also rumored to be working on a tell-all book titled "Almost Meri'd," which will detail her online and phone relationship with Meri.

Other rumors have also suggested that Kody is seeking for a teenage bride, who can be his fifth wife, as previously reported. So, will there be another Brown wedding in "Sister Wives" Season 7?

Meanwhile, the previous season of the TLC reality series has revealed Meri's marital issues with Kody, which eventually led her to pursue an online relationship. While Kody had already forgiven Meri, rumors have it that all the angst between the two will end in the show's seventh season.

Speaking of the upcoming season, Design & Trend also reported that "Sister Wives" will be concentrating more on Robyn and Kody's relationship. The show will also highlight Robyn's custody battle against her ex-husband, leaving Meri, Janelle and Christine's storylines on the side. However, fans are quite not thrilled with the latest changes on the series.

In other news, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments over Kody Brown's lawsuit against Utah's polygamy ban on Thursday. According to Fox13, the Utah Attorney General's Office is asking a federal appeals court to overturn the state's ruling that rescinded a provision of Utah's constitutional ban dealing with cohabitation.

The lawsuit came after the Browns sued Utah when they were investigated by Lehi police after they started their TLC show, "Sister Wives." The family contended the state's polygamy ban, which violated their First Amendment rights including religious freedom and free exercise, their right to privacy as consenting adults and their Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection under the law.

The Browns have also challenged the state, which criminalized the right of consenting adults to maintain private relationships. The "Sister Wives" family also cited recent rulings involving same-sex marriage, insisting they don't want legal recognition of their plural marriages but just decriminalization.

While the state has insisted that the Browns did not face the possibility of criminal charges from the Utah County Attorney, TLC's polygamous family maintain they still face the fear of prosecution.