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Fox 'Glee' TV Show Season 6: NeNe Leakes Hopes to Return as Coach Roz Amidst Naya Rivera and Lea Michele Feud Rumors

First Posted: Apr 28, 2014 11:45 AM EDT

Season 6, which will be "Glee's" last, has a lot of things in store, but is there trouble on the set?

Earlier this month, Ryan Murphy, "Glee" creator, shared major details about the upcoming season in an interview with TVLine. The show will no longer be "New York-centric at all," he said, and it will focus on the "original people on the show and what happens to them and how they give back ... there's a return of the [Sue] and [Will] in a big way. "

In addition to a satisfying conclusion, fans can also cross their fingers for the return of Coach Roz, the WMHS swim coach.

"I love Coach Roz," NeNe Leakes, who played the character, told E! News this week. "She is an amazing character, and I'd love to continue to be Coach Roz."

Leakes hopes to reprise her role when she finishes "Dancing with the Stars."

"I had an amazing run on 'Glee,'" the reality star continued. "I've been on there three seasons, and I get along with everyone there, so I'd like to see Coach Roz continue."

If Leakes does return to the "Glee" set, she may encounter more tension than usual. According to rumors, stars Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, and Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, are continuously butting heads.

"They're always icy to each other,"  an Us Weekly source said Friday. "Naya is jealous that Lea is the show's main star ... There is a lot of sighing and eye-rolling between them."

"They talk behind each other's backs -- a lot," another source added.

On April 15, the two 27-year-olds reportedly got into it as well.

"Most of the cast and crew were annoyed ... by Lea's diva antics -- like making everyone else wait to shoot a scene ... while she stepped away to deal with personal matters," TMZ reported.

Sources claimed things worsened so Rivera told producers about Michele's bad behavior. When Michele returned to the set and heard the news, she reportedly left "in a huff."

"Lea sources had a different take -- telling us Lea was totally unaware of any complaints about her ... and Lea and Naya weren't even shooting scenes together. They also say it was Naya who got tossed off the set," TMZ continued.

We'll see if this alleged feud can be seen in season 6 this fall.


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