Patricio Flores Mundaca claims "Sabado Gigante" host Don Francisco is his father, despite evidence proving otherwise before.

The Chilean man asked for a DNA test in 2010, and he is now asking for the TV host to take the exam again. He believes that the results were manipulated before, according to La Cuarta.

Don Francisco, 73, has taken the exam four times.

Mundaca says his mother told him Don Francisco was his dad, which is when he decided to take action. The exam taken in March 2011 said that Mario Kreutzberger -- the real name of the host -- was not his father.

"Many told me that there's nothing else I could do. I spoke with a lot of lawyers, but I don't think this is so. I don't want to cause him harm. What keeps me strong is knowing that I'm not lying," he said.

"I demand that he takes a DNA test ... and not when he's getting off a plane," he added. "And perhaps also test my brothers, his children. The resembles between him and my children is impressive. I want to know the truth and speak with him."

He explained that he contacted a laboratory in the United States and said that a test can be altered if someone has a blood transfusion. Therefore, he is asking that Don Francisco be in Chile for at least seven days before he takes a new DNA test.

Mundaca believes that Don Francisco did not sit for each of the exams.

"On top of that, I know that they only took out blood once and stored it...," he said. "All tests came out negative."

In the three years that he has been asking for DNA tests from Don Francisco, he has never had any contact with him.