Adonis Losada

Former 'Sabado Gigante' Star Adonis Losada Charged With Child Porn Offense

Adonis Losada was charged on four counts, though he might face more time in prison.
Nuestra Belleza Latina

'Nuestra Belleza Latina' Recap: The Beauties Test for Sabado Gigante & The Winner Is Crowned

The previous winners put on a show, and the new queen was announced.
sabado gigante host Don Francisco

Chilean Man Says He Is Don Francisco's Son; Will TV Show Host Take DNA Test Again?

Patricio Flores Mundaca has reason to believe that past DNA tests have been tampered with. Now, he's demanding Don Francisco take the test again.

Latinos Use Mobile and Social Networking More Than Other Americans, So Why is There a Lack of Hispanic News Coverage?

The closure of Latino news sites questions the strategy and viability of targeting Hispanics with their own sites compared to reading English-language or general market news sources. Considering that Hispanics are such a large and growing market of United States media consumers, what went wrong?
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