On previous episodes of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," Alejandro woke up from his coma. But after seven years, Montserrat is ready to move on and marry José Luis. Even Alejandro's family starts to accept that Montserrat should find happiness once again. (Catch up here.) 

Meanwhile, Alejandro believes Montserrat to be dead, which fills him with misery when he thinks about how his son has grown up without his parents.

Here's what episodes 128 to 132 bring:

Episode 128: Adolfo finds himself with Maria once again. Alejandro still holds a grudge against Pedro Medina. The last time he remembers is that Montserrat is dead, and he is ready to seek vengeance for what happened. José Luis, however, is busy making a move on Montserrat. He proposes that the two spend the night together.

Episode 129: Nadia is desperate to hear news about Victor, but Pedro enjoys her suffering. Adolfo reveals who the real Alacran is. José Luis can't stop thinking about Alejandro being alive because he would then steal Montserrat from him. Therefore, he tries to move up the wedding, so that she can be bound to him.

Episode 130: Josefina talks on the phone with Nadia and confirms that Montserrat has not died. José Luis assures Refugio that he will never again allow anyone to take away the love of his life. He's ready to fight for her, and he doesn't care what he has to do along the way. Sandro professes his love for Graciela, telling her that he can't wait for the moment that he can hold her in his arms.

Episode 131: Laurito tells José Luis that his father, Alejandro, is alive. Carlota advices Montserrat to make up her mind about her wedding. She should either cancel it or continue to go through with it. Rosario thinks Montserrat is better off postponing the wedding.