Marriage and love can often go together, but one can have the former without the latter.

In this modern era, finding love seems to be both easier and harder: easier because of the wide variety of means to communicate and harder due to the increasing dilemma regarding sexual harassment and even rape that have been linked to online dating.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as cited by CNBC, online dating via social media platforms have become an avenue for cyber crimes like fraud and illegal data mining as well.

The law enforcement bureau warned that while most victims are females who are either widowed, divorced or disabled and belong in the age range of 40 and above, "every age group and demographic is at risk."

Aside from that, a study from experts in Britain's National Crime Agency, cited by Latina Magazine, revealed that a staggering 450 percent increase in the number of sexual assault and rape cases in 2014 has been linked to online dating.

According to the research, 184 people reported that they were raped when they met up with strangers they only knew via social media platforms.

Despite this, Latinas continue to participate in an online dating service called Mail-Order Brides. provided an FAQ about this online dating service, briefing potential grooms about Colombian women and how Mail-Order brides work.

It also assures the men who make use of the service that they do not need to spend too much to have a wife and that Latin American women are not out of their league. 

This online dating service even advertises the good traits of Latina women as if they are like products to be bought over-the-counter.

All of these, however, are mere marketing baits to lure single men into marrying women who desperately need money to make a living.

Aside from what has already been mentioned above, the disadvantages of making use of this service are particularly long. 

The advantage is that this service could potentially lead to the chance of finding true love.

Statistically speaking, however, the chance of finding love through this service is near zero, but even the slightest opportunity of finding one's better half sometimes wins over rational thinking.

How about you? Would you engage in such activity in order to find your one true love?