Maite Perroni is very dedicated to her new role in "La Gata" and has been steadily working on the telenovela for two months.

She recently admitted that before shooting in Bordo de Xochiaca, which is known as the largest dump in Mexico City, she did not get any vaccinations.

"I haven't vaccinated myself against anything," she said, according to Terra. "You take precautions in any place or any circumstance, but you do have to be careful because, at the end of the day, we work with our body and physique."

Shooting in Xochiaca has been an important part of the story because it lends realism to the story. Perroni plays La Gata, who collects garbage and lives in poverty. Her life changes when a rich man takes her under his wing.

"It might look like we are telling a story that doesn't exist, but the truth is that we are in a space that allows us to have complete authenticity," she said. "There's not a set or anything false. Everything is 100 percent real and authentic."

The hardest part for Perroni is the travel.

It's an hour-and-a-half trip every day, so she has to mentally prepare herself for a three-hour round trip.

Perroni and her co-star Daniel Arenas recently shot opening credits as well as teasers for the show, which premieres in Mexico next week.

Perroni said the videos showed a little bit of two different worlds, both of which she will get to be a part of. Many of the clips have Perroni looking exactly the same: frizzy hair, black dress and a bit of dirt on her face. There hasn't been too much of her new look revealed.

The actress also explained how happy she is with the role.

"I think 'La Gata' is a project that allows me to develop in the areas I most like, music and acting," she said to El Mañana. "With this novela, I'm super happy that it's a story that moves me very much. And each episode that I see makes me excited, and it has a good rhythm. We are telling a very real story."