It has been more than two years since Michael Schumacher sustained severe head injuries in a skiing accident. Rumors have claimed that the Formula One driver is getting better and is now able to walk on his own, but Schumacher's official spokesperson and manager Sabine Kehm squashed the speculations.

Kehm has warned that official statements from her only should be accepted by the public. Recently, she referred to rumors claiming that the seven-time Formula One World Champion is now walking on his own as "irresponsible and offering false hope," News24 reported.

Schumacher's Recovery & Treatment

Schumacher's close friends, including former Ferrari colleagues Ross Brawn and Jean Todt, have visited the racing legend and said that he "is still fighting," the news outlet added. However, no final report has been released regarding his recovery or condition.

Schumacher, 47, is currently receiving medical treatment in Switzerland after enduring severe head injuries in a skiing mishap in the Alpine resort of Meribel in December 2013, the Telegraph reported. Since September 2014, he was placed in an induced coma with a professional medical team at his home located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

According to a report from Express, the family is spending £115,000 a week for his care and an almost total news blackout about his condition is being held. This decision was defended by the Schumacher family's attorney, Felix Damm.

Schumacher's management, however, previously announced that he is making "encouraging small steps," the news outlet noted.

Continuing Support

Former Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo told reporters last month that Schumacher's current condition is "not good," the Telegraph noted. He declined when asked for further elaboration.

"Life is strange. He was a fantastic driver and only had one accident with Ferrari in 1999," Montezemolo added, as quoted by the news outlet. Schumacher's leg was broken in an accident during the British Grand Prix.

Schumacher's wife since 1995, Corrine, remained at her husband's side since the accident, according to Express. She has launched legal proceedings against three German tabloids for publishing unconfirmed stories about Schumacher's health condition.

During a rare family public appearance, Kehm said they miss Schumacher and referred to him as one of the most successful drivers in history, the news outlet added.

"We know what has happened and cannot change it," Kehm said, as quoted by Express. "We must accept it and hope with everything we have that with continued support and patience he will one day be back with us. Racing was his life and no one would have liked to have been here more than him."