The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street

5 Simple Tips to Help You Get Past a Mid-Career Crisis

Mid-career crisis is a normal occurrence for people who have been working for more than a decade. They treasure and are grateful for their careers, but something doesn’t feel right.
Complete Stegosaurus Fossil Unveiled At Natural History Museum

The Meteorite That Made Dinosaurs Extinct 66 Million Years Ago May Have Been Found

The remains of a meteorite believed to be the culprit behind the mass extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago have been found. The rock fragments were found on the island of Gorgonilla.
German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needs

Bolivia Greenlights $2.65 Billion Budget to Increase Country's Energy Reserves

Bolivia has allocated $2.56 billion to boost its electricity reserves, increase transmission lines and start exporting power to Argentina. The Central Bank of Bolivia provided the funds from international reserves.
Voters Go To The Polls In Brazil's Closest Election In Decades

Dilma Rousseff Appoints Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as Chief of Staff; Sparks More Protests in Brazil

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has named her predecessor Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as chief of staff. The appointment prompted protests in Brazilian cities.
Costa Rica Uses 100 Percent Renewable Energy For A Record 75 Days

Costa Rica Now Offering More Jobs But What Are Your Chances of Employment?

There’s good news waiting for you if you are looking to nab a job in Costa Rica. Employers are looking to hire more staff between April and June of this year.
Workers Arrive At The Offices Of Troubled Insurance Company AIG

Insurance Industry Looking to Hire: Must-Have Qualifications to Nab the Job

Millennials appear to be put off by the insurance industry, mostly because the majority of them think that it’s a boring job that does not go well with their thirst for adventure and thrill. The industry, however, offers plenty of open positions for a potentially bright career.
President Of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Meets With United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

Maduro Gives Weeklong Holiday to Workers to Save Power

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has devised a new strategy to address the country's major power crises. All workers will now have an extended furlough.
Vehicle Exhaust Emissions

Getting Worse: Mexico City Air Pollution Twice the Amount; First Alert Raised Since 2005

The Mexico City government has declared a pollution alert on Monday, its first in 11 years. Ozone levels in the city reached almost twice the acceptable limit.
Activists' Caravan Arrives In New York Calling For End Of Drug War In Mexico

Guerrero State Considers Opium Cultivation to Curb Drug Violence

Guerrero Governor Hector Astudillo said that the Mexican government should consider allowing the cultivation of opium poppies. He believes that legalizing the cultivation of the plant for medicinal purposes could help the country’s battle against the drug trade.
Google Updates Its Logo

Google's New Campus is Redefining the Design and Concept of Corporate World Offices

If you're wondering what Google's new set of offices will look like, an early set of mockups has been released to show its possible appearance once constructed. The images feature a quirky and unique design.
Job Seekers Look For Employment Opportunities At Career Fair

Top 3 Honest Career Advice You Should Know Before Job Hunting

It’s true that experience is a great teacher, but it’s also important to take others’ advice into consideration. Here are three honest career tips that may come in handy as you scout for a new job.
German Court Bans Uber Service Nationwide

Uber Sets Eyes on Argentina But May Receive a Chilly Welcome - Here's Why

Uber is broadening its operations by setting its sights on Argentina. The announcement, however, wasn't welcomed warmly.
The National Liberation Army of Colombia

Colombia's Cano-Limon Covenas Pipeline Suspended After Attacks from Leftist Group ELN

The National Liberation Army, Colombia’s second largest leftist group, has attacked the Cano-Limon Covenas pipeline. The ELN’s two bomb attacks have suspended the pipeline's operations.
President Barack Obama - 2016 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

3 Major US Companies Finalize Business Deals with Cuba as Obama's Visit Looms

Three major U.S. companies are finalizing business deals with Cuba as President Barack Obama’s visit to the country approaches. These are AT&T, Starwood and Marriott.
Canberrans Flock To UberX As Ridesharing Becomes Legal In ACT

3 Reasons to Download Entravision's 'El Show De Erazno y la Chokolata' Mobile App

Nowadays, TV shows and movies have accompanying apps for fans who just can’t get enough content to peruse through. The same goes with the hit radio show “El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata.”
Graduates Celebrate On The Southbank

Job Scouting? Here Are 5 Companies Willing to Hire Fresh College Graduates

Most companies require at least two or more years of experience from applicants. But what if you are a fresh college graduate with no job experience to present to an employer?
Border Patrol Keeps Watch Over Florida Keys

Florida Mayor to Sail on Homemade Raft From Cuba, Just Like Cuban Immigrants

A Florida mayor is planning to highlight Cuban immigrants’ dangerous travel to the United States. De Bary Mayor Clint Johnson said that his plan will allow him to better empathize with the undocumented Cuban immigrants who travel using unsafe boats.
U.N. Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting Over North Korea's Possible Nuclear Bomb Test

Jean Arnault to Head Colombia's Peace Deal With FARC

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed UN envoy Jean Arnault of France to head the organization’s political mission in Colombia. It will monitor and verify a future peace deal between the Colombian government and the FARC.
Police 'Operation Slab' Seize Methamphetamine And Weapons In Auckland

Mexican Drug Cartel's Crystal Meth Ingredient May be From Belgian Pharma Execs

Seven Belgian pharmaceutical executives may face trial on suspicion of supplying an important ingredient for making crystal meth to a Mexican drug cartel. Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine is a substance normally found in cough syrup and nasal decongestants, but it can also be used to make the drug.
Jeff Bezos And John Kerry Attend Opening Ceremony For New Washington Post HQ

Jeff Bezos' Space Travel Ready by 2018 But How Much Could a Ticket Cost?

Most of us think that outer space is an endeavor reserved only for astronauts. Now, your dreams of traveling to space can be made possible by Blue Origin, a space company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
Weekly Employment Claims Rise

Women in the Workplace

Highly successful women don’t attribute their career success to chance or sweet luck. These women used the most powerful traits of their personalities and developed their skills to get to the top.
Daughter of Former President Alberto Fujimori Keiko Fujimori

Keiko Fujimori Still Leads Polls, Addresses Forced Sterilization Claims: 'I Will Seek the Truth'

Keiko Fujimori denied accusations that poor and indigenous women underwent forced sterilization during her father’s dictatorial regime from 1990 to 2000. Estimations from human rights defenders indicate that about 300,000 women were sterilized against their will.
2016 Dakar Rally - Day Seven

All Eyes on Argentina as Stocks Continue to Rise

Investors who have lost faith in Argentina’s economic conditions may have a change of heart soon. Under President Mauricio Macri’s rule, the country is bouncing back from decades of stagnancy.
World Cup Fans Gather To Watch Matches In Rio

Why Costa Rica Might Be the Best Place for Retirement

Costa Rica has lots to offer people who are looking for a good retirement destination. The Central American country is a healthy and comfortable place for retirees.
Latino unemplyment rate drops to 5.4 Percent

Jobs That Value Experience Over Educational Background

Many people believe that a diploma is a ticket to employment. However, individuals who have work experience are more attractive to employers now.
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