Nowadays, TV shows and movies have accompanying apps for fans who just can't get enough content to peruse through. The same goes with the hit radio show "El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata."

Entravision Communications Corporation EVC, a media company focusing on U.S. Latino audiences and communities, has recently launched the first interactive mobile app for the radio show in partnership with Clip Interactive. Here are three reasons why you should download the app.

It Immerses Users to the Show's Rich and Vibrant Content

The new "El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata" app, which now has generated almost 100,000 downloads, allows Entravision's radio and mobile audiences to be immersed in a rich digital experience that is connected to the show's on-air and streaming audio.

"In partnering with Clip Interactive to create this new mobile app, we have created a completely interactive way for our U.S. Latino audience to experience the rich and vibrant content of the hit 'El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata,'" said Jeffery Liberman, Chief Operating Officer of Entravision, as quoted in PRNewswire's report (via Yahoo! News). "We have fortified the app with advanced, highly engaging user capabilities, maximizing options for our advertising partners to build and customize their marketing plans."

A Vast Range of Options for Advertisers

The app is widely supported by ads, making it a tool for advertisers to provide a huge range of creative and dynamic choices, including free music, video, tap-to-call, tap to-URL, secret word, polling/surveys and talk back features, among others.

"The early user growth and engagement data we are seeing validates the need for listeners from both the broadcast and stream to be able to engage with their most favored and trusted radio personality. Further, the app provides a great user experience as well as digital metrics for 'Erazno's' advertisers," said Bill Freund, Chief Revenue Officer and Senior Vice President for Clip Interactive, as quoted by PRNewswire.

Access to Hyper-Interactive Content

Fans can enjoy all aspects of the radio show to their heart's content just by using the app. The interactive pieces of content provide the audience with a real-time experience in which users can connect with what's happening in the show through visual sharing.

Listeners of the app can now watch videos, join contests, check out posts on social media, take part in polls and surveys, send voice messages to others, browse photos and quickly respond to Erazno's live calls to action. With these capabilities, advertisers and brands acquire real time response and lead generation prospects, making "El Show de Erazno y Chokolata" a powerful and influential element in their marketing programs.

"El Show de Erazno y La Chokolata" has a high performance on 66 affiliate stations in 49 U.S. Latino markets. Among all of Entravision and partner stations, the show reaches more than 2 million people and roughly 1.5 million Hispanic adults aged 18-49, according to the Spring 2014 Nielsen Audio survey.

You can download Entravision's "El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata" app on Android and iOS.