Sebastián Rulli and Aracely Arámbula are not on bad terms with all their exes.

The two, who stopped dating months ago, have been able to maintain a friendly relationship, are at least on the same page. For Mother's Day in Spain, both took to social media to tweet well wishes to mothers, notes TV y Novelas.

Rulli, whose mother lives in Spain, first said: "Happy Mother's Day in Spain, especially to my fabulous and beloved mother..."

Minutes later Aracely Arámbula also took to Twitter to express similar thoughts.

"Happy Sunday," she said. "And in Spain, a very happy Mother's Day..."

Although the two weren't directly speaking to each other, they have proven to be on good terms in the past. On her birthday on March 6, the actor also took to Twitter to wish her a happy birthday.

"Have a very happy birthday @aracelyarambula!! I hope all your wishes come true, and that you continue to be successful!! You deserve it all..." he said.

But they have similarly been struggling with their exes in recent months.

For Rulli, he has been taken to court by his ex-wife, Cecilia Galliano. The two were fighting over a truck she gave him while they were married. But when she wanted it back, he told her that he had already sold it. He said that she had signed the car over to him, but she maintains that he forged her signature. The case has dragged on for some time, and Galliano has even said that she wouldn't have taken him to court if she knew how long the process was going to be.

For Arámbula, she has been trying to get Luis Miguel to pay child support. She has complained about his not being a part of his children's lives.