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Florida Zombie Attack Drug – Flakka, What is It? Symptoms and Side-Effects of Street Drug Linked to Cannibal Man Eating Victim's Face [PHOTO] [VIDEO]

First Posted: Aug 18, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images

People are questioning the use of the synthesized drug often called “bath salts” or “flakka” given the recent “zombie-attack” in Florida where a 19-year-old ate a man’s face. Flakka is known to give users superhuman strength and regretful cannibalistic behavior.

The Department of Public Safety lists a number of synthetic drugs that are harmful to the public, listing flakka third, after taking notes about its effects from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

What is Flakka?

Flakka, also known as bath salts, is a combination of one or more synthetic chemicals that can be found in an amphetamine-like stimulant Khat plant. The chemical, cathinone, is formed to make little crystals that people usually take orally.

In other cases, users snort flakka or inject themselves with it through a needle. The crystal-like powder is sold in small plastic packages with the warning sign, “not for human consumption.” It can also be found in foil packages with the same sign on it.

In recent cases, flakka has been sold under the marketable names, “plant food,” “jewelry cleaner” or “phone screen cleaner,” following the mass reports of the drug’s effects being linked to killing people and causing them to extremely hallucinate.

Other Names for Flakka

Cloud Nine
Ivory Wave
Lunar Wave
Vanilla Sky
White Lightning

Effects of Flakka

Flakka can cause dangerous health effects like paranoia and agitation. Its effect that causes excited delirium is directly linked to the “zombie-attacks” where men were caught eating other people’s faces.

In other states, flakka users can experience euphoria, increased sociability and a high sex drive. Dangerous effects of a high sex drive can cause people to make poor decisions like having unprotected sex that can be a factor of contracting and spreading HIV.

Flakka Harms the Public

Flakka is a major safety issue for the public given the numerous reports of its users being rushed to emergency rooms and poison control centers. It has a high level of addiction potential. Often times, its users abuse it.

Studies show that flakka is just as addictive and harmful as methamphetamine. Users can suffer from strong withdrawal symptoms when trying to ween themselves off of the drug.

In the excited delirium state, flakka users have killed innocent people. Others have died from using the drug. Survivors of that state have shown effects of dehydration, kidney failure and the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue.

Doctor’s View on Flakka

At the height of another widespread outbreak of flakka, Dr. Jon LaPook talked to CBSN in 2015, about the effects of the drug. Watch the YouTube video below to learn more.

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