There's more bad news for Pippa Middleton, the writer. Kate Middleton's younger sister has lost her job as a newspaper columnist with the Daily Telegraph. Middleton was there for six months and her "Sport and Social" column began last September. Her contract was not renewed, said Showbiz Spy.

One of her first pieces was about boxing, which she described as a "pure but pleasing agony." She also wrote about cycling underwater and flipping pancakes. A source said that "the readers just weren't into it." "There was a lot of negative mail coming in after each column and there were too many off-limit subjects for her," the source added. "They ran out of ideas."

It's not the first time readers have been upset by Middleton's writing. Her book "Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends," only sold 18,000 copies and was highly criticized. The tips included in the book were considered very obvious, and people slammed it.

Some of the tips included: "I like breakfast. A good morning meal brightens any day," "A really late start warrants brunch, in lieu of lunch" and "There is something very British about tea."

Middleton wrote a column where she defended her book. She said it was meant to be very easy tips. But her writing career isn't completely over. She still writes for Waitrose Kitchen, which is described as an upmarket supermarket magazine, and Vanity Fair. Other sources say that Pippa Middleton may be ready for another stage in her career. She is supposedly ready to start a family with Nico Jackson.

"Pippa has been telling her closest friends that she's ready to have a baby," the source said. "She feels she's met 'The One' in Nico, and intends to try for a baby ASAP. Ever since Kate gave birth to George, Pippa has been feeling broody. She's desperate to be a mom!"