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UFO sighting 2016 in Colorado

First Posted: Sep 26, 2016 03:43 PM EDT
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UFOs have been sighted on and off this year from most parts of the world. The latest incident occurred on Sept. 19 when a resident of Colorado witnessed a distinctive UFO together with a number of black helicopters.

According to Enstarz the witness heard the sound of an aircraft above and noticed something strange, it was said that the witness experienced a white orb of light moving over the trees and rooftops. He also spotted three black helicopters behind the aircraft at very high speed, the witness believed it to be an alien spacecraft.

The craft had disappeared beyond the mountains leaving the witness to lose track, but he is very certain that it was not an airplane or a helicopter due to its shape, the witness was firm in his belief and said he had not seen anything like this before. It was said that the UFO had no lights blinking like any other aircraft.

Trying to get an evidence of the UFO the witness failed to record the sighting due to low battery on his cell phone, he later reported the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network. Several incidents have occurred this year in various parts of the world. It was also believed that there were alien activities on the outskirts of planet Saturn.

As stated on MobilenApps a renowned NASA scientist Norman Bergrun said that the Saturn rings are the base for numerous organic UFO activities. He further added that those UFOs have the potential to generate a source of energy which helps them to power up their spacecraft.

The researcher first published his views in a book titled "Ring makers of Saturn" in 1986. Many other scientists did not agree with him and his views. But what is certain is that there has been an increase in UFO sightings all around the world this year.

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