Europa is said to be one of the most appealing bodies in the Solar System, evidence states that Jupiter's sixth closest moon could have Alien existence. With an ocean beneath the chilly crust of Europa NASA states that there could be high possibilities of life.

Where there is water there could be life, but it would take another mission altogether to prove the existence of life on Europa. Results of this existence will be presented from NASAs Europa observing campaign. According to Craigs list Houston; Europa has the potential to have more liquid water than we have on Earth.

This could be the very existence of life, but what is yet to be confirmed is whether this could possibly be an alien homeland. Europa is 1,900 mile wide and contains a vast ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust. The fact of water plumes sprouting out has already been captured by the Hubble space telescope.

The space agency has insisted that aliens have not been found on Europa, but they are pretty certain that due to the vast ocean there could be possibilities or signs of life. The thickness of the frozen crust is still unknown.

NASA is sure to make a mission in the future by sending a spacecraft to land on Europa, this could be the chance to attain the exact picture of happenings on Europa. The mission might take years or possibly more than half a decade but it is sure to happen as stated by The Sun.

With a rocky sea floor, abundance with salt water and energy provided by tidal heating this could be one of the best locations in the solar system to find life beyond our planet. It all boils down to the future mission to prove the existence of alien life, and the earliest a spacecraft could be sent off to Europa could be in 2022.