In last week's episodes of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," Montserrat was contacted by Alejandro ahead of her wedding, which caused her a lot of confusion. But she still married Jose Luis. (Catch up here.)

Here's what happens in episodes 137 to 141:

Episode 137: While Graciela drinks cofee with Captain Rentaria, she doesn't miss an opportunity to humiliate Josefina, who is also with them. Victor tells Rosario that there's someone who really wants to see her, and more than anything, wants to give her a big hug. And Alejandro finally gets to see his mother after so many years. The two cry when they're together again.

Episode 138: Fabiola tells Jose Luis, in an ironic manner, that perhaps Alejandro has not died as everyone thinks. Rosario is surprised that Jose Luis knew that Alejandro was alive and still got married to Montserrat. Maria tells Adolfo that Ezequiel reached out to her and offered to help her, so Adolfo wants to know what he wants in exchange. Maria says Ezequiel wants her to be his lover. Montserrat is in her car when she sees Alejandro through her rearview mirror.

Episode 139: Pedro tells Graciela that the woman she wants to destroy is the daughter that she gave to Benjamin. Carlota asks Maria to explain her agreement with Ezequiel. Laurito tells Montserrat that a girl told him that the man in a photo is her uncle and that he's not dead. Montserrat wants to know who the girl is, and Laurito says it's Victoria.

Episode 140: Ezequiel tells Maria that he will give her the document, but warns her that with Alejandro being dead, it won't help her at all. Montserrat tells Rosario that she confirmed Alejandro was dead, but Rosario says that it's a lie. Laurito surprises Alejandro outside of his home and asks if Alejandro wants anything. Jose Luis tells Pedro that he took Montserrat so that no one could tell her what condition Alejandro is in.

Episode 141: Graciela tells Amelia that she would have denounced her dreams of being rich if her daughter would not have died in her arms. Amelia says not to torment herself with it anymore because it's not worth it. After seven years, Alejandro and Montserrat are face to face again. Jose Luis almost discovers them but that's when Rosario shows up and asks him what he is doing there and where Montserrat is.