There have been a lot of talks regarding Facebook app's effect on smartphone battery life - battery draining seems to be a problem on iOS devices. But, recently, they admitted that they have an ongoing problem with Android for a while, as Android users are having a hard time with their battery issues having the Facebook app installed on their device.

Recently, the Facebook app was tested by Tech World Zone on a Nexus 6P using metal. It is an app that is a wrapper for Facebook and for the entire week, the results of the test shows that by removing Facebook app, it left the phone with 20% more battery life everyday. Another thing discovered is that, apart from battery draining, deleting the app could improve the performance of an Android phone as reported by Phone Arena.

According to Gizmodo, it looks like Facebook doesn't appear to be using the inordinate amount of power after taking a look at Android's built-in battery monitoring statistics. Even when the phone is offline, Android's battery stats don't show anything about the amount of battery used by Facebook app. But findings show that various Android administrations were using more battery life in the background and thus slowed down the overall experience of the device.

The truth is Facebook s a lot goin on and this isn't just on the part of social media negligence. TWZ reached out to the company to find out their comment on this. A representative replied that, they have heard heard a lot of  issue regarding speed issues from their Android application. They are investing and working on it and will update the users as soon as possible. Users seems to have had a positive response with Metal app. Tinfoil is also well-regarded and you can always just run Facebook in Chrome as well.