Just this month, Sebastián Rulli has Tweeted it 11 times.

Sometimes he does it twice a day. Sometimes he misses a few days. But it's obvious by his Twitter feed that Rulli is a strong believer in 11:11.

The tweets always look similar. He writes 11:11 and posts a series of Emojis. Though the exact order or the frequency vary, it's always the same characters: twinkling stars, praying hands and hearts.

It's hard to tell from his account when this practice started, but he has been doing it since at least January. And of course, he doesn't do it every day, but he's surprisingly good at looking at the clock at 11:11.

The best part is, perhaps, what his followers write in return.

One said, "@sebastianrulli 11:11 @Anboy88 [Angelique Boyer] how gorgeous would that be."

Others use it as a way to try to grab the actor's attention and ask for followers.

Rulli never further elaborates on these Tweets, so maybe he isn't that superstitious. Instead, he may just be very optimistic. With his ex-girlfriend Aracely Arambula, for example, he delivered a very thoughtful message to on her birthday.

There are many theories about why 11:11 is supposed to be lucky, Collective Evolution notes.

Some say that if you wish at that time, your dream will come true. Others say that it symbolizes the opening of a window and that you should ask for guidance. And some relate it to the world around you. There is so much going on, and that moment is a reminder to pay better attention.

Numerology is the best word to describe 11:11. It is the belief that there is a mystical, divine or just special relationship between a number and an event.

So if you need a little luck, you might want to follow Rulli on Twitter. He'll remind you when to make a wish.