Dominican-American actor Victor Rasuk is getting a lot of buzz these days, and not just for his good looks. He fends off radioactive monsters as Sergeant Tre Morales in "Godzilla" and charms the big screen as Anastasia Steele's best friend José Rodriguez in the highly anticipated erotic film "Fifty Shades of Grey."

The New York native, who loves to return home for his mother's Dominican cooking, has appeared in the indie film, "Raising Victor Vargas," (2002), as well as "Lords of Dogtown" (2005) and "Jobs" (2013).

"I think the actors that I tend to love and admire are actors who tend to tap into that vulnerability and that sincerity, that side of them where there's no B.S. — you can see right through their soul," he told Latin Post.

"It took a lot of digging, but it [vulnerability] was there. We all go through bad stuff, it's just a matter of using that skill and being willing and able to do that as an actor, to tap into those moments that aren't the prettiest or the most sanitized moments in our lives."

In "Godzilla," Rasuk worked alongside British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Lieutenant Ford Brody, who tries to return to his wife (Elizabeth Olsen) until he is literally derailed by a radioactive monster who destroys his airport tram, leading to mayhem and destruction.

Besides pretending to battle CGI monsters and "trying to prevent the world from ending," the two handsome actors also have friends in common, which Rasuk said helped "break the ice." Now, he considers Taylor-Johnson "a dear friend."

"I connected with him right away. We worked in the trenches literally and figuratively, just in these very cold sets. Vancouver was freezing where we filmed. We just knew that we had a long journey ahead," he said.

"Godzilla" also enabled Rasuk to challenge himself as an actor. He relied on British director Gareth Edwards ("Monsters"), since most of his CGI monster 'co-stars' were physically absent.

"It was the first time that I got to react to something that actually wasn't there. The movie obviously is all computer generated image," he explained. "It was a different kind of acting than I was used to. As actors we are used to acting and reacting to each other, so it was cool in that sense. And just the simple fact that Godzilla was in it, and it had all of the cool elements in it — the destruction, the roar, and just his physical being and his dominance."

As a child, Rasuk loved watching the classics, especially "Godzilla."

"I would be in awe. It made me so intrigued that I wanted to be a part of this world," he said. "While I didn't realize I wanted to be an actor at the time, it definitely planted a seed."

Although Rasuk feels nostalgic about the 1954 version of "Godzilla," he admits that the older version has nothing on the 2014 version. "No other version will touch this version. This version is absolutely way cooler than the 1954 one. It was just great to be a part of it," he added.

'Fifty Shades' of Victor Rasuk:

"I've obviously been sworn to secrecy, but I will tell you this — Dakota was amazing to work with. I think fans will be happy with Dakota and Jamie's portrayals. I had a great experience," he said.

"We came creatively into it and wanted to do it justice. And I can speak for myself personally, that from what I saw and what I experienced doing this movie, I think all the fans, the millions of fans, will also love what we did. We absolutely did it justice."

Actor Jamie Dornan will play the role of Christian Grey and actress Dakota Johnson will play Anastasia Steele in the film. Rasuk's character, José Rodriguez, is the romantic rival to Christian Grey.

Other "Fifty Shades of Grey" cast members include Jennifer Ehle, Max Martini, Marcia Gay Harden and Eloise Mumford.

"Fifty Shades of Grey," based on the novel of the same name by E.L. James, is slated for a February 2015 release. "Godzilla" hits theaters, Friday, May 16.

Check out the official trailer for "Godzilla."