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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71 And 72 Spoiler, News and Update: Gohan Comeback, Will Goku Survives The Hitman Hit?

First Posted: Dec 12, 2016 10:30 PM EST
Dragon Ball Super Episode 71

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Dragon Ball Episode 70 is just a blast for the fans! As the series ventures more in each episode, it keeps getting better and improve. Episode 70 was a face-off between universe 6 and 7, now fans knew what was it like how extraordinary being versus Saiyans in playing the baseball. But Episode 71 rumors to be complete upside down of episode 71.

Episode 70 was indeed a great episode, light, fun, and not so serious. But a completely different change of tone is coming to episode  71 titled "Death to Goku! A Hit-Job that can't be Refused." Hit comes from the universe 6, will be coming back to kill Goku and it seems that Goku can't soon be likely to be in the grave danger and can't escape death but unlikely to happen eventually, Inquisitr has reported. 

But the preview scene in episode 70 will notice that Goten cried over dead Goku and Piccolo and Gohan were shocked. As DBS Ep. 71 summaries exposed that there is someone who wanted to kill Goku and hired the ultimate and strongest assassin in the universe, continued "Will Goku able to unveil the truth and assassin's true identity?" will Goku be able to win against them?

The summary explicitly does tell what the next installment will be. Hit in the previous episode can also be noted that he was just holding back to kill Goku since he was unable to kill anyone in the tournament. Moreover, the beginning of the preliminary arc before the series enters into its grand saga, Episode 72 titled "Counter back?! An unforeseen Assassination Technique!!"

Episode 72 will be the most anticipated Omniverse Tournament, though nothing much has revealed, Fans assures that Goku is not dead and impossible to be dead. But According to the report opted by News Everyday, Goku will embark his battle with Hit and features Goku's Death. Possibly that the preview was shown shows a glimpse of a dream from someone or what's to come.

Everything will be answered soon as Episode 71 and 72 (December 25) airs. 

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