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Discovered, 2,500 Years Old 'Lost City' In Greece

First Posted: Dec 16, 2016 08:09 AM EST
2500Y Old Lost Greek City Discovered around a Small Village Vlochós - Athens

Photo : youtube/InfoRains1

An International Group of Archeologists has discovered a 2500 years old abandoned city, in western Thessaly, Greece. 200 years ago from today, this 'Lost City' was first discovered, but that time it was not considered for being the part of some backwater settlement of little consequences.

 A joint research team from The University of Gothenburg & The University of Bournemouth had started this exploration earlier this year. This area is named as Vlochós and its approximately 190 miles (300 Kms) away towards the north from Athens.

Researchers from Greece, Sweden & U.K took park in this project & the whole team was led by Robin Rönnlund, Doctoral Student in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from the University of Gothenburg.

 Rönnlund said in a press release,"A colleague and I came across the site in connection with another project last year, and we realized the great potential right away."

According to the foxnews report, the first phase of the research was completed in September 2016 with a collaboration of the Swedish Institute at Athens and the local Archaeological Service in Karditsa.

Rönnlund assumes that there are so many secrets hidden beneath the hill. Walls, city gates, towers can be found but it is barely visible on the ground below. To avoid excavation Rönnlund and his team is planning to use the Ground-penetrating radar to gather information without hurting the ground of this site.

The team has found the town square & street grid which indicate the existence of having a 'lost city' and the measurements of the area, inside the city wall are almost 40 hectares. They have also found the coins & ancient pottery. Using the radioactive carbon dating process they measured that those things are around 2,500 years old, even the oldest ones are from 500 BC. 

Now researchers are planning to extend their study up to August 2017 to gather more information about the lost city. This discovery will uncover many secrets of ancient Greek civilization which is hidden from 300 BC.

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