The "Game of Thrones" love triangle between Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie has been in the talks for a long time. It is rumored that Kit and the Emilia have got some close connection with each other.

Kit and Rose confirmed their relationship a long time back after Rose entered "Games of Thrones" Season 2. Recently the fans of Kit and Rose seem to be getting disturbed with the news of the Lord Commander dating the Dragon woman.

The rumors have been loitering around the news and it leaves the fans confused to decide who the real lady of Jon Snow is. It turns out that fans found Kit and Emilia good together but when Rose appeared and ever since their relationship went from the show to real life they accepted it gladly as per GamenGuide.

Neither Kit nor Emilia has confirmed the rumors of them being in a relationship. Reports state that the two are working together for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, besides they show some public display of affection on set according to Movie News Guide.

The Game of Thrones love triangle between the three stars is far from resolved until and unless one of them opens up on it. There were also news about Rose and Kit splitting up a month ago but as surprising as the show is, the real fact is not known. They have been on and off since 2012.

Considering the fact that Kit and Rose split forever then there might be chances that the half Stark could get along well with Emilia. The faithful fans of Kit and Rose have turned down the rumors of Emilia in the scene, but on the other side there are an equal number of fans who believe that Kit will move on with Emilia.