Energy crisis worsens as energy sources tend to each have disadvantages. However, engineers recently found out that a cold war technology programmed to make jets fly could be the answer to the problem.

As global warming intensifies and energy crisis continue to rise, people are trying to find more ways in supplying power that will not contribute to the ongoing challenge. Studies are conducted to discover more efficient sources of power.

Wind and solar are renewable are not able to generate energy to meet up with the demand. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, can be one solution to energy crisis as it meets up to the amount of energy the world needs but its burning process contributes to global warming thereby putting the lives of mankind at stake.

Meanwhile, nuclear reactors presently supply America's energy at 20% and Idaho National Laboratory believes it is the safest energy source on the planet. However since a nuclear reactor is taken offline once it reaches 10 years, there are chances of it not being able to solve the energy crisis in the future, according to the Age Times.

Another option for combating energy crisis is the molten-salt reactor, capable of safely and cleanly supplying power to billions of people for millions of years. It is a product of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion (ANP) program during the cold war which was later canceled.

ANP was an act to develop nuclear-powered jet bomber. It aimed to fly at 15,000 miles without having the need to refuel.

 Alvin Weinberg, a physicist and the inventor of the lightweight reactor (LWR), the most well-known nuclear reactor type responded to the challenge but refused to use the LWR being aware of its inefficiency. Weinberg instead decided to use the molten-salt reactor as its efficiency might allow him and his team to fit the reactor inside an airplane, as reported by the Business Insider.

Abandoned on 1972 as per the government cancellation after the cold war, molten-salt reactors are now being revived by engineers and are being fuelled with thorium, a carbon-free energy to help solve the energy crisis. Thorium is proven to be reliable according to them as it practically has an infinite supply and can be found mixed with the soils even at the local parks as widespread as lead and four times as abundant as uranium.