A daily pill that drastically reduces the risk of contracting HIV has transformed how gay men talk about the disease. The prophylactic drugs (PrEP) are casually mentioned in dating-site profiles.

According to Washington Post, the nation's first campaign is to make this preventive measure as widespread among black women, the massive group to contract the virus in a city still battling an AIDS epidemic.

The use of the prophylactic drug (PrEP) by those without HIV reduces their risk of infection by 90 percent. So the District authorities are trying to convince black women that Prophylactic drug is not just for gay men, reported by new research.

According to Latinos Health, one in six people's infected by HIV disease in the nation's capital is black women. As per the report, nearly 2 percent of districts residents are living with the virus, one of the highest rates in the country.

Public Health Expert says condoms are the only preventive tool from the transmission of HIV virus. But some peoples are sexually active refuse or forget to use them.

But the use of PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis changes the dynamics of HIV prevention. According to D.C Health Department Director LaQuandra Nesbitt," The campaign is about empowering women to take control of their sexuality and control their health"

The drug is available in the market from 2012. To make aware the district authority is running a campaign on Metro buses with the tagline "Dominate your sex life" and a lot of information about PrEP drug.

 Through the campaign, many African Americans are distrustful of the campaigns targeted at their community. Though, some women equate using the drug with promiscuity.

According to the Public Health official, the main motive of this campaign is to eradicate District's HIV epidemic and cut the half the number of new infection by 2020.

Meanwhile, the MAC AIDS has also donated $1 million and is closely following the work.